Stop intake more sugar

Teenagers are often stressed about their schoolwork, relationships, friendships and relations with fellow family members. Stress eating might come up as a way to relieve their stress. Chocolates, cakes, donuts, candies… they are delicious but in the realm of stress eating, one tends to overeat and hence would easily go over the standard sugar intake level for teenagers. Going over the standard sugar intake level paves the way to obesity. While there are some arguments in relation to whether there is a single model in measuring the suitable level of sugar intake for children and teenagers, there is currently no significant data or research paper research released in relation to the adjustment of sugar level and we would definitely post an update when the system of calculation changes drastically. Over intake of sugar does not only lead to obesity, but also to various chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. It is often difficult, especially for teenagers in their prime years, to consider the long-term effects of intaking excessive amount of sugar. When an opportunity of educational reform comes, more resources should be invested in raising awareness of diabetes, alternative methods to relieve stress as well as how to keep one motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



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