Avoid 3 top“healthy food”

Some food in children even adults eyes are health. In fact, they contain more or less unhealthy factors. They hide the excess sugar, fat; unconsciously let a person eat a lot of calories. Look at the truth about these “healthy foods”! Through the in-depth understanding of the true colors of these diets, I believe you can know what to eat in the end, what should not eat.

1fruit yogurt


When reducing weight, with a variety of fruit and probiotic yogurt instead of dinner, it sounds good. These yogurt publicity usually use a lot of nutritional terms to wrap themselves, such as “organic” “probiotic” or “natural”, make you feel very healthy, eat a few boxes do not feel too much. IN fact, this yogurt contains a lot of sugar, and a variety of not really healthy flavoring agent. A box of 200 g fruit yogurt, heat up to 200 kcal or more. Nutrition experts recommend weight loss or no time to enjoy the feast when the natural food with contemporary meals, such as ordinary yogurt with fruit, or eggs, vegetables and a few slices of whole wheat bread, compared to fruit yogurt, the more nutritious , calories is also lower.

2fruit juice


Drink 100% freshly squeezed juice sounds very healthy, many people think it can be used as a substitute for fresh fruit. However, although freshly squeezed fruit juice also has a good taste of fruit and some vitamins, but the pulp of dietary fiber is lost, especially those fruit peel edible fruit. And a lot of freshly squeezed juice, in order to taste will add some sugar, so more unhealthy. Therefore, whether it is to drink fruit juice, or eat dried fruit, are not as good as eating fruit directly.If you choose a fruit juice drink, let alone, some juice drinks only about 10% of the pure fruit juice, some simply is the pigment, sugar or a mixture of sweeteners.

3Vitamin drink


Although it seems that these beverages are directly put together two healthy nutrients (vitamins and water), the vitamin drink as the main source of drinking water is not a good choice. First of all, vitamin drinks contained in the proportion of vitamins are not necessarily suitable for human needs; Second, the drink in order to drink, which joined the sugar is also considerable; Third, do not think vitamin water can replace fruits and vegetables, vegetables contain dietary fiber is vitamin water cannot be replaced.

Therefore, If children want to avoid obesity and maintain a healthy eating habits, say‘NO’ to variety of packaged drinks, including vitamin water and fruit juice drinks. Beware of these unhealthy foods in healthy coats


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