Healthy food recipe


One of the favorite home cooking is cabbage halogen, its low calories and good for children’s growth.  But outside the cabbage brine only a small problem, that is still quite oil. The general outside food, in order to meet the civilian food, the price is reasonable relationship, is bound to be impossible to use too good oil. Is the amount of oil, although the need for intake, but we want a good oil rather than refined oil. So in this blog, I will show you guys a recipe about cabbage halogen. It’s a simple version of the low-calorie cabbage halogen, very simple good to do, do not need to fry, do not need to fry, you can eat cabbage halogen feeling, but almost no extra calories, is to eat the original flavor of food


Preparation of materials:

1. Cabbage or Chinese cabbage (prepare the amount you want to eat)
2. Shelled shrimp or shrimp meat (shelled shrimp will be more fragrant, but the shrimp meat can add the way the protein)
3. Dried mushrooms or wet mushrooms (dry mushrooms will be more fragrant)

4. Coconut oil or olive oil

Cut the cabbage; do not cut too small

2. Mushroom slices, you can buy a good peeling or stripping is also ok, if you like can also join their own ginger, fungus, etc.

3. Prepare a cover can be covered, the right size of the pot, the first without heating, directly to about 10 ~ 15CC of the good oil into the bottom of the pot, and then thrown above the amount of sea salt

4. After the cut cabbage, mushrooms, shrimp or shrimp and other ingredients you like to put together

5. Cover the lid, then open a small fire, do not have to ignore it (remember here to open a small fire like Oh, do not open the fire)

6, depending on your food range, about 15 to 30 minutes, cooking is complete, because I like to eat soft rotten cabbage, so I boring relatively long, if you do not have to eat so soft, and then reduce their time.

This way, a simple delicious low-calorie cabbage halogen is complete.

You like it? Do it for your children. Avoid obesity form change diet.




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