How healthy teenagers diet?

Underage obesity could not be change in a short time, it shoul be have a healthy diet habit. Here is some tips about how healthy teenagers diet.

1Three meals a day indispensable
teenagers at least three meals a day meal, which breakfast is still important, can supply morning energy,. However, many children do not have the appetite for breakfast in the morning, or they do not have time to eat breakfast, which makes the whole morning listlessly, the teacher taught completely into the head, greatly affect the study.

2Fruit and vegetable species diversity
Vegetables and fruit to provide different minerals and vitamins, is a child growth essential elements, dietitians recommended daily to have five copies, each with children’s fist size, select the different colors of vegetables and fruits.

3High-sugar high-fat to be limited
Carbohydrates and fatty foods, high calorie, should pay attention to weight without affecting the appetite. Soft drinks, candy, chocolate, potato chips, pastries and fried foods, avoid eating every day.

4Day to drink 6-8 glasses of water
Teenagers need six to eight glasses of water a day for body needs. Drinking plenty of water dilutes the appetite for things and improves the body’s metabolism



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