top 3 healthy food

Last week blog, I talked what kind of food we should let our children avoid. But what is healthy food or what kinds of food are good for children to control the weight.

The best staple food: Whole grains

Whole-grain foods have nutrients required for thekids. In Western countries, whole wheat flour is called the best staple food raw materials, many families to grilled whole wheat bread as the children’s staple food, Although the dietary habits of different countries, but nutrition is no national boundaries. We can make coarse grains and flour mixed staple food (such as hair cake), the same can give the children to bring rich nutrition.

The best fruit: kiwi

Kiwifruit is called nutrient gold, it is rich in vitamin c, according to the analysis, per gram of kiwi fruit pulp vitamin c content is 100 ~ 420 mg, called the fruit of the “vc king”, in addition, it contains Rich in protein, sugar, and calcium, and it contains dietary fiber and rich in antioxidants,
it also can be made into juice, or kiwi sauce, the effect is as good.

The best fast food: pizza

maybe you will shock for this. But compared with other snack foods, pizza mixes protein (cheese), sugar, and vegetables (tomato dices) and other nutrients, more suitable for control the weight. And it is very simple, as long as the oven baked a few minutes can . I think for growth children or adolescents, they will continue to ask you to give him a copy, but try to choose more vegetables.

Although we should care the obesity problem about adolescents, but teenagers continuous growth and development, so scientific choice of children’s food is very important. I believe if eat more healthy food, lose weight control not a big problem for them.



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